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Medical Social Worker

Medical Social Worker

Medical Social Workers provide supportive counseling, psychotherapy or grief counseling to their patients during the most difficult and challenging times of their lives – rehabilitation after a serious illness or surgery, recovering from an accident or a psychologically distressing life event. Whatever the case, every day of our medical social workers is filled with care and offering the life changing help to their patients.

Sometimes the work of these health professionals involves simple timed help to their clients who are being discharged from hospitals and need some short time to adapt and get used to normal everyday living. Other times it involves long-term treatment process that encompasses overcoming emotional, psychological and physical consequences of the suffered trauma, whatever the origin of it might be.

Our medical social workers will work closely with each particular patient to develop the best treatment plan possible. While doing so healthcare social workers consult the entire Comfort Assisting team, which involves help and advice from RNs, patient’s physician, speech pathology therapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals involved in each unique patient case. It is also very important that they help physicians and other team members understand the significant social and emotional factors related to health problems.

Medical social workers also provide advice and support to family and friends of their patients to help them overcome sometimes the most difficult and challenging times of their lives. These health professionals widely use community resources. They maintain contact with community support groups and provide professional expertise as required.

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