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Speech Pathology Therapy

Speech therapy

Speech therapy specialists will help patients to restore language and communication skills through a wide variety of technics involving cognitive, language and physiological assessments and treatments.

Speech pathologists will address attention, problem solving, memory and other cognitive aspects of communication. They will assess and diagnose phonation, fluency, articulation and language and swallowing related disorders. In many cases voice therapy proves to be helpful since a lot of Parkinson’s Disease patients develop voice problems as the result of their disease.

An assigned speech pathology therapist will complete initial history and evaluation visit and notify physician of patient’s needs. He/she always works in close collaboration with the patient’s physician and the whole home health team for the most efficient plan of care.

Our speech therapists will support and train family members and other individuals who are in close communication with the patient. If necessary, alternative communication strategies and technics will be established. We make sure that related counseling services are always provided to individuals with hearing loss and to their families. The speech therapy provider will continually evaluate and measure the outcomes of treatment and make changes if necessary in order to maintain high quality of services.

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